Memo Gidley's Secrets of Speed for Shifter Karts

By: Memo Gidley, shifter kart champion and CART driver
The complete how-to guide for shifter kart racers. Chapters include:
  • Getting Started
  • Driving Techniques
  • Chassis Setup
  • Seat Dynamics
  • Engine Setup & Tuning
  • Managing Tires
  • Fine Tuning Kart Balance
  • Gearing
  • Race Day Setup & Adjustment
  • Wet Weather Setup
  • Data Acquisition
128 pages with over 400 full color photos. Includes many special tips that can make the difference between just finishing and winning. Special Feature: Every book has a unique user ID number for an exclusive website featuring additions to the book, downloads of all the charts, news articles, and much more.
Product Number: S297
Media: Book
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