I.M.C.A. Modified Racing Technology

By: Steve Smith
Everything you need to know to build, set-up and race a modified-style car competitively. Includes front suspension system refinements, getting the proper roll center and camber curve, setting bump steer, all rear suspension systems - 3-link, swingarm, coil/monoleaf, and 4-link, Panhard bar tech, shock absorbers, the braking system, setting ballast and weight, choosing springs and shocks, chassis tuning and adjustments, solving handling problems, complete chassis set-ups for both dirt and paved cars, and much more. Over 300 photos and illustrations.
  • Understanding and fine-tuning all rear suspension systems
  • Using and tuning with torque links
  • Adjusting the chassis to track conditions
  • Scaling the car and adjusting the weight
  • Chassis tuning with shock absorbers
  • Complete chassis setup and alignment
  • Improving steering geometry
  • Creating good bite with I.M.C.A. tires
  • Identifying and solving handling problems
  • For dirt and paved tracks

SPECIAL PACKAGES: Buy the S280 book & V184 video for $62.95. Or, buy the S280 book, V184 video & B600 blueprint together for $74.95.
Product Number: S280
Media: Book
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